6 Tips for PR Pros to Stand Above the Crowd

by Amy Ridings | Public Relations


In the world of public relations, you have to run to keep up. The landscape is constantly evolving, and technology has significantly changed the way humans operate across all communications platforms. In an age where information is instantaneously accessible at our fingertips, “keeping up” is no longer good enough. Staying ahead of the curve is essential for success, and not adapting can be a death sentence.

Recently, Shannon Powell Hart, an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience, shared some insight on how PR professionals can set themselves apart from the crowd. Below are six key takeaways from her presentation on how to make a lasting impression.

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Strength with Social: The Best Ads for B2B Marketers

by Meredith Warren | Social Media


When it comes to building a marketing plan, it’s important to allot a portion of your budget to social media advertising. While organically growing a social presence is important, it’s not enough to fully reach your target audience.

You may be asking, “why would I ever spend money on social media when it’s free to run an account for my brand?” While using the free features of social media to promote your brand is still ideal, the value of social media comes from reaching your entire audience, and the most effective way to do so is through social media advertising. The paid element of social media allows you to expand your reach and increase engagement, exposing your social presence to a wider audience.

Don’t panic – developing a paid presence on social doesn’t require dropping a huge budget. While it’s true that the more money you dedicate increases the amount of times your ads will be shown, an effective campaign can still be run on an efficient budget.

When building a social ad campaign, it’s important that you’re starting in the right place. For B2B marketers, focusing ad dollars on specific platforms is more beneficial than spreading your budget too

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The Utility of AP Style

by Logan Lane | Public Relations


There’s one thing all PR and marketing professionals agree on: AP style is the only style.

Over the last 50 years, the Associated Press Stylebook has become the accepted style standard for an increasing number of organizations. Marketing and PR agencies typically adopt AP style as their one and only guideline when it comes to writing press releases, blogs, and other material. So what is it about AP style that makes it the standard for PR and marketing professionals?

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Thought Leadership: What’s Your Second Sentence?

by Jarrett Rush | Content Creation


There’s a question that editorial writers often ask each other during the ideation process: “What’s the second sentence?”

This typically is asked when a writer is tasked with opining about something where the takeaway is rather obvious. Something horrible or tragic happened? We are sad. Something wonderful happened? We are happy!

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A Tribute to Matt Ceniceros

by Michelle Doss | Idea Grove News


Matt CI met Matt Ceniceros in 2004 when he was a bright-eyed kid I worked with at GCIGroup, a PR firm in Austin. In a firm of mostly B2C pros, we stood out as the tech geeks. We were a little different, a little quirky, a little nerdy. He was the person I worked most closely with every day, and over time, he also became my closest friend while at the firm.

Matt was green. He wasn’t always detail-oriented, and he had a lot to learn about writing. But he was smart, he could take constructive criticism, and he was fearless with the media. He loved technology, and he loved to talk about technology to anyone who would listen. Most importantly, he sincerely wanted our clients to succeed. He wanted everyone around him to succeed; he was the kind of guy who rooted for everyone. He was young and full of potential, and though I was never really his boss, he told me over the years that I helped him learn a lot in those early years. I hope that’s true. Over the course of our 12-year friendship, he inspired me over and over again. I hope I served as inspiration

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