Three Elements That Make or Break Your Email Strategy

by Mariajose Balboa | Conversion Rate Optimization

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.25.58 PM

Think email marketing is all spam? Think again! Email marketing is actually the preferred marketing communication tool of 77 percent of consumers, according to HubSpot. This has been proven even to the most skeptical people, such as me. When used brilliantly, this platform will help you attract, convert, close and delight your consumers. Don’t underestimate it–your email strategy can make or break you.

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Five Tips to Acing Your Summer Internship

by Katie Long | Careers Tips and Tricks

Interns should meet regularly with their managers.

My favorite season is nearly here, and it’s not just because of the warmer weather and longer days. School’s out and our new crop of summer interns is here to save the day–or at least my sanity. It’s no secret that we need interns as much as they need us. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your internship and prove that you are so indispensable that we just have to hire you.

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Getting to the Why Behind Your B2B Tech PR Strategy

by Michelle Doss | Public Relations

B2B Tech Pr Strategy

Public relations strategy is a term often reserved for discussions about a significant announcement or in response to a brand crisis. “What’s our PR strategy?” Executives will lean in eagerly to hear what their communications pros advise as the best course of action to get attention or clean up a mess.

In actual fact, PR pros know that strategy is—and should be—embedded in everything we do. However, it might not always be called strategy when we do it. Good PR people think on their feet, and they always ask why. Great PR people go a step further. They question everything. They explain the why behind every single decision they make.

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Being Organized Never Goes Out of Style

by Donna Brannin | Tips and Tricks

Get organized in B2B tech PR

It seems like a no-brainer—stay organized and you won’t lose paperwork, forget information about your client, or miss meetings. But sometimes we take organization for granted. So, I’ve put together a refresher on some key everyday habits to rely on.

The tools and methods described below are neither innovative nor ground breaking, but you may be surprised to find how effective they are when used correctly. B2B tech PR professionals take note: it’s particularly important for those of us in this field to be organized in order to ensure productivity and results for clients.

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What’s the Big Idea? How to Think Big in B2B Tech PR.

by Michelle Doss | Public Relations

How to develop big ideas in B2B tech PR.

Achieving the big idea is no easy task. It takes time, discipline, resources and long-term commitment.

But framing your PR program around a big idea allows you to achieve a level of thought leadership and recognition for your brand that simply isn’t attainable otherwise. Here are a few things I’ve learned about how to develop and refine that big idea.

Think broadly.

Think about ideas that aren’t shackled by the constraints of geographic or demographic borders. For B2B tech companies, this means thinking about things not only from your buyer’s perspective. Consider the end consumer, too. By definition, if your idea only speaks to a niche audience, then it probably isn’t a big idea quite yet.

For example, if your company or client sells infrastructure to telecommunications service providers, think about how that service takes shape when it’s rolled out to end-user businesses and consumers. Then, think beyond the consumer’s service experience. What broader needs and desires have they connected to their broadband service and how can you address them?

Work backwards.

Start by writing your dream headline and subhead using a business press news article as a guidepost. Then, work backwards in your thought process to craft the strategy

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Idea Grove Named a Finalist in PR Daily’s 2015 Content Marketing Awards

by Gretha Loubser | Idea Grove News


We are thrilled to share that Idea Grove has been named a finalist for “Best Website” in PR Daily’s 2015 Content Marketing Awards. Idea Grove has been nominated as a finalist this year alongside brands like Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and Chick-fil-A Inc.

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards recognizes brands’ achievements in reaching global audiences with engaging writing, editing, film and design work. Marketing and communications professionals are judged on their efforts in video content, social media and blog or content series.

This year, Idea Grove has been recognized for the recent website redesign for EXL Service, a provider of business process solutions. The website was rebuilt from the ground up to combine strategic messaging and content with cutting-edge coding and responsive design, providing a personalized visitor experience that allows visitors to navigate easily through the site and find the most relevant content.

Winners will be revealed mid-January, so stay tuned for another update!

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