How to Break Lazy Writing Habits

by Jarrett Rush | Content Creation


I never intended to become the office’s punctuation police, but it’s happened anyways. And not all punctuation, just a single piece: the exclamation point.

It started with internal office emails. I casually pointed out that we, as a company, might be using too many exclamation points. This, of course, caused more emails with even more exclamation points, because we are a funny bunch that loves nothing more than to poke the bear.

It also prompted a question from someone. I’m paraphrasing, but it boiled down to, how do we convey enthusiasm without an exclamation point? My answer — and this isn’t meant to sound rude — was to choose better words. This is not a knock on anyone in particular. Too many people all over are abusing the exclamation point.

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5 Truly Terrifying Halloween Costumes Only Marketers Will Understand

by Beckie Moses | PR and Pop Culture


pumpkins-on-halloweenHalloween is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate at Idea Grove. We’re talking pumpkin painting, candy (of course, at Idea Grove, there’s always candy), and a Halloween-themed potluck. We do it all. When it comes to our annual costume contest, though, it’s difficult to take home first prize when you work with a bunch of smart, creative individuals.

We suspect you might be in the same boat, but don’t worry — this year, we’ve got you covered with five freaky costume ideas that are sure to delight your entire marketing team.

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10 Quick Tips for PR Success

by Sarah Mitchell | Public Relations

PR Tips

PR professionals know that life can sometimes imitate a juggling act. Whether you’re still new to the world of public relations or have been around the block a few times, you’re likely well aware of the lightning pace at which PR is continually evolving. Navigating through a professional career in public relations can be challenging. The following ten tips can help guide you towards both PR success and professional growth.

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The Executive’s Guide to Social Media

by Sarah Mitchell & Morgan Givney | Social Media

Social Media

It’s no secret that the life of a business executive is hectic. Lunch meetings, lengthy calls and surprise projects always manage to fill up your day. Your time is precious, and you’re juggling a thousand tasks that are all competing for it. These tasks naturally get prioritized and delegated, but one priority that absolutely cannot fall through the cracks is staying on top of your personal social media presence.

Beyond business web pages and speaking engagements, social media allows you to pull back the curtains and showcase yourself as a thought leader and industry professional. However, becoming an engaging and interesting presence in the social media world takes time. It can sometimes be a tough commitment to make, but the rewards for your personal brand and your business will be worth the effort. In order to make life a little easier, here are three simple steps that can help business executives maintain and grow their reputation:

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Content Lessons from Summer’s Biggest Movie Hits and Misses

by Jarrett Rush | Content Creation


There are a few things that happen every year as the temperatures turn cooler. Our scarves become less accessory and more necessity. Our food all seems to turn pumpkin flavored. And our movies become more serious.

But, before we leave the world of the summer blockbuster for another year, there are some content lessons we can learn from those movies that were both big success and big disappointments.

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6 Tips for PR Pros to Stand Above the Crowd

by Amy Ridings | Public Relations


In the world of public relations, you have to run to keep up. The landscape is constantly evolving, and technology has significantly changed the way humans operate across all communications platforms. In an age where information is instantaneously accessible at our fingertips, “keeping up” is no longer good enough. Staying ahead of the curve is essential for success, and not adapting can be a death sentence.

Recently, Shannon Powell Hart, an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience, shared some insight on how PR professionals can set themselves apart from the crowd. Below are six key takeaways from her presentation on how to make a lasting impression.

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Idea Grove Named a Finalist in PR Daily’s 2015 Content Marketing Awards

by Gretha Loubser | Idea Grove News


We are thrilled to share that Idea Grove has been named a finalist for “Best Website” in PR Daily’s 2015 Content Marketing Awards. Idea Grove has been nominated as a finalist this year alongside brands like Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and Chick-fil-A Inc.

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards recognizes brands’ achievements in reaching global audiences with engaging writing, editing, film and design work. Marketing and communications professionals are judged on their efforts in video content, social media and blog or content series.

This year, Idea Grove has been recognized for the recent website redesign for EXL Service, a provider of business process solutions. The website was rebuilt from the ground up to combine strategic messaging and content with cutting-edge coding and responsive design, providing a personalized visitor experience that allows visitors to navigate easily through the site and find the most relevant content.

Winners will be revealed mid-January, so stay tuned for another update!

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