Vote for Jeremy

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

Vote for Jeremy

Adland’s “Battle of the Ad Blogs,” where “a posse of adgrunts have sifted through the ever growing pile of ad blogs to find the gems and pit them against each other” in a popular vote, is in full swing. It includes a PR category.

Let’s go ahead and chew on our sour grapes first: The nominations seem a tad arbitrary. Maybe next year, the guys at Adland could at least open up the voting to more than five of the 300 PR blogs out there; that way the people (rather than the mysterious Adland cabal) can decide the “popular” favorites.

Nevertheless, the five nominees are all worthy candidates: Jeremy Pepper, B.L. Ochman, John Cass, Trevor Cook and Tom Murphy. Currently, Jeremy has a slight edge over B.L. in the voting.

Media Orchard hereby officially endorses Jeremy, and we encourage you to cast your ballot for POP! PR Jots.

Why an endorsement? And why Jeremy?

Jeremy was the first popular PR blogger to take an interest in Media Orchard. He’s been a regular commenter since close to the beginning, and he’s always been generous in offering advice and suggestions. He also doesn’t mind telling us when he thinks we’ve screwed up — by promoting our blog a little too shamelessly, seeking referrals a little too aggressively, or otherwise not meeting his exacting standards for blog integrity.

Yes, we’re kind of teasing Jeremy — in addition to ourselves — when we say all this. But we’re dead serious about one thing: PR bloggers won’t find a better compass for personal and professional integrity than Jeremy. He cares very deeply about the practice of public relations, and he demonstrates this again and again.

That’s why we voted for him. And why you should, too.

By the way, Steve Rubel was not nominated in the PR category but was nominated in the Marketing and Online/Interactive categories. We voted for Steve — even though he has not responded (as yet) to our e-mail requesting that he say something about the Dr. Myra fraud on behalf of public relations practitioners everywhere.

We also voted for our friend Hans Kullin for Best Non-English Language Ad Blog. Oh, and for Random Culture for Best Inspiration Blog.

Voting ends February 10, but don’t wait.

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8 thoughts on “Vote for Jeremy

  1. Jeremy

    Oh, dude, thanks. I do it for the good of PR. No, seriously. Same reason I dote on the Auburn bloggers – to help make PR better and get them thinking of the future of PR.

    Plus, well, you are all cute.

  2. kullin

    I don’t know why I’m stuck in the non-English language blog category in all polls. Are my Englishes thet bad?

    Anywho, I love a good competition and if I was nominated best female albino blogger, I’d go for it.

    As always Scott, thanks for the endorsement.
    / Hans

  3. Mike Bawden

    Man, I picked the wrong week to be sick.

    I get nominated for “Best Marketing Blog” and have to go up against Steve Rubel and then find out Media Orchard has endorsed Steve???!!!

    I’m crushed.

    I thought being an SMU alum would count for something.

    Actually, I’m just amazed anyone reads my blog. Oh well, back to the Y-list for me, I suppose.

    Mike Bawden
    Brand Central Station

  4. SB

    Oops — sorry Mike! I didn’t see you in the nominees.

    OK, I’ll endorse Steve for Best Online/Interactive Blog and Mike for Best Marketing Blog.

    THIS is why I never entered politics 🙂

  5. SB

    Oh, and Being Reasonable is a great blog, too.

    As I’m sure all the other nominees are as well.

    I believe it was Orwell who said, “All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others…”

    Does anyone have a crowbar? We need help extracting the foot from our mouth.

    We’ll stop talking now. Vote for whoever you want, OK??