CNN Partners With The Onion

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

CNN Partners With The Onion

Yep — insert your own punchline.

From‘s intro to an Onion piece on a “massive spillage of Tag Body Spray”:

Editor’s note: This may look like a real news story, but it’s NOT. It is from the The Onion, a humor publication that calls itself “America’s finest news source.” CNN may beg to differ, but we do enjoy a good laugh, and hope you will enjoy a weekly selection of their satire.

Get it? It’s NOT real! NOT!

You know what this reminds us of? When granny decided to try the Electric Slide and dislocated her hip.

Or when Mr. Rogers learned how to play Donkey Kong.

(Gratuituous Tag Body Spray promo image above; is there any other kind?)

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