Admit It, New York Jets: You Have Cheerleaders Now

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

Admit It, New York Jets: You Have Cheerleaders Now

Probably because folks in New York never like to admit they borrowed an idea from folks in Dallas, the New York Jets haven’t fielded their own cheerleading squad for decades.

Until now; the squad was quietly unveiled at the Oct. 15 game against Miami.

Only the Jets insist the girls aren’t cheerleaders. “They’re flag carriers,” says Ron Colangelo, the Jets’ VP of public relations.

Indeed, the girls are officially called the “Jets Flag Crew,” and in the official announcement on the Jets’ Web site this week, their non-cheerleading role is made clear:

A new squad of female flag carriers relieved their male counterparts last week — and things haven’t been the same since. It’s all in good fun. The new crew of female flag carriers, as well as some well-timed pyrotechnics, will make going to a Jets game even better this season.

The announcement is accompanied by 11 pics of the girls doing one thing — carrying flags.

So they’re flag carriers — not cheerleaders, get it?

But you can’t fool the blogosphere. Sasha at the Professional Cheerleader Blog found some pics of the girls waving something other than flags at the game. Could they be …. green-and-white pom-pons?

Sasha has responded with an open letter to the duplicitous Jets:

Dear New York Jets,

There is no shame in admitting that you want a dance team of your own. I promise you no one will say “I told you so.” The Celtics have seen the error of their ways and nobody’s making fun of their dance team, are they? So come on over and join us. We’ll take it one baby step at a time.


XOXO to you, too, Sasha.

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One thought on “Admit It, New York Jets: You Have Cheerleaders Now

  1. NathanSchock

    They’re not cheerleaders! And the moon is made of green cheese. And PR people (like me) always tell the truth. Way to give the profession another model citizen, Ron.