Advice to PR Job-Seekers: Don’t Do This

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

Advice to PR Job-Seekers: Don’t Do This

Check out this video that Yale senior Aleksey Vayner sent out to HR departments, along with an 11-page resume.

Aleksey’s best line: “Ignore the losers.”

Oops — guess we’ve already screwed that one up.

(Via Break.)

Update: The video was pulled from Break and also YouTube. Looks like Aleksey has a lawyer (along with no sense of humor). For more on Aleksey, see Gawker’s coverage.

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9 thoughts on “Advice to PR Job-Seekers: Don’t Do This

  1. SB

    Crap. If it doesn’t work, just go to the Break link and you can watch it there. Can’t find it on YouTube or I’d post that version.

  2. joy

    Oh my. It started out awful and just got worse: the crotch shots during the weightlifting, the Bjorn Borg headband for tennis, the dancing to sultry music and the inexplicable martial arts. Plus his views on success are just a list of platitudes from motivational posters. Finally, not to make assumptions, but “comrade” Aleksey’s accent was the icing on this ridiculous cake.

    If this is the kind of doofus that Yale admits, the school needs to rethink its admission standards. What seems like a renaissance applicant on paper turns out to be a delusional idiot.

    This looks like a school project — hope he got a D.

  3. TC

    I want to be just like him when I grow up.

    I want to dance, to embrace success, and – most importantly – to break hard, inexpensive things with my bare hands.

    To accomplish all that, I’m going to simply ignore the losers.

    To think that’s what I’ve been missing all along…

  4. Owen Lystrup

    Not only can I do menial tasks that mindless drones can do, like lift heavy things and bash bricks. But I’m also a Yale graduate and I can talk like a robot.

    To be successful, you have to first forget that you’re a person and the other people around you matter. Then, you have to tample on whomever you possibly can to get ahead. Then, you have to constantly commit yourself to tasks that take your mind off of what a disgrace to the male gender you are.

    I mean success is easy. Those who don’t get it are just lazy.