A Man and His Goose

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

A Man and His Goose

Farmer Andrew Marsinko and his goose posed for a photograph to promote the State Fair of Virginia back in 1996. The photographer subsequently licensed the image to a stock photo agency, and a decade later it wound up on a gag greeting card with the following text:

Since it’s your birthday, you decide —
Would you rather get spanked … or goosed?

Marsinko is suing, claiming he signed no model release and has been subjected to the ridicule of his peers at “animal auctions and other agricultural events.” The lawsuit alleges teasing from colleagues that includes: “Your girlfriend sure has a long neck” and “When did you give up women to hug a goose?”

It’s a shame that a birthday card could generate such ill feelings, so in an attempt to resolve this issue amicably, we at Media Orchard have tried to come up with some inoffensive replacement verbiage for the card to smooth things over with Farmer Marsinko.

Here are three options:

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4 thoughts on “A Man and His Goose

  1. Brian H.

    It’s hard to laugh for long when you realize this is another case of multimillion dollar companies making more millions while regular people get nothing. And a farmer no less, who is already getting robbed by corporate agriculture, so he’s been ripped off twice. I hope he wins a bundle.

  2. Anonymous

    yes, I hope he wins, too.
    I don’t see anything humorous about your your rewrites either.
    not funny when someone else is making a lot of money…

  3. Thomas Pickard

    A real reminder about the importance of model releases (even if he didn’t sign one) and the implications that can occur many years down the track. While the rewrites are funny, the farmer has a pretty good point, considering he probably never received anything for posing in the first place.