Oliver Stone’s Laura Bush Has Pokies

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

Oliver Stone’s Laura Bush Has Pokies

This is Laura Bush.

This is the woman who will play Laura Bush in the Oliver Stone version of Dubya’s life, which begins filming this spring.

Any questions?

[Story here. And no, I wouldn’t dream of a Photochop with Laura’s head on Elizabeth’s body. Just too weird.]

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4 thoughts on “Oliver Stone’s Laura Bush Has Pokies

  1. ardvark

    why would anyone waste tape on making a documentary of the worst president in the history of this country? HONESTLY? and especially using someone so gorgeous to play that part?

  2. Utterly ridiculous crap

    Dear Ardvark, Begger & Anonymous,
    Everytime I see political items, it’s always the dumocrats that are first to
    comment negatively and without an intellectual thought. As for Pres Bush being
    the worst, where have you jerks had your head for the last 18 months. Odumb,
    the Muslim, will be lucky to make it through his term without getting impeached.
    Stop drinking the kool aid.