Rielle Hunter Bikini Pic

by Scott Baradell | PR and Pop Culture

Rielle Hunter Bikini Pic

(Sorry…old habits die hard.)

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15 thoughts on “Rielle Hunter Bikini Pic

  1. shway

    PHOTOSHOP and that is not even her body baby! Her head is too big.
    This is 2009 and my 9 year old would know this is photoshop. LOL
    Very disappointed with Edwards and he now needs to get hi own diet soda
    and stop lifting his left hand to his servant. What a fool!

    Shameful. WIW – did he have us all fooled! His wise has move class in her
    little finger then this woman. Hang in there Elizabeth, your BEUATIFUL!

  2. wanda grantham

    She is so ugly…who cares about her bikini. John had to be absolutely desperate to hook up with her..key word here”hook” as in hooker. I pray that the edwards family will not be torn apart after Elizabeth passes and that John will do the right thing for his kids and keep that ugly woman out of his life FOREVER.

  3. RE

    Obviously Mrs. Edwards wasn’t cutting it in her wifely duties in the bedroom. Sure she was sick with cancer but John’s got needs too, she should have understood this.