HEADS UP: Scott Baradell Talks Twitter on CBS 11

by Clay Zeigler | Idea Grove News

HEADS UP: Scott Baradell Talks Twitter on CBS 11

Yes, that was Idea Grove President Scott Baradell on Dallas’ CBS 11 this week talking about how consumers can get good deals on products using Twitter.

“More and more brands are realizing that in order to attract the kind of audience that they want on social media they have to give something in return,” Baradell told reporter Melissa Newton. “Many times these are deals or discounts or other special benefits to their Twitter followers or others who interact with them on social media.”

To find the best deals, Baradell recommended that consumers follow specific companies, brands and retailers they already know. Curation pages are another option.

“It’s just a matter of finding the ways to get that information,” Baradell said of the algorithmic sites, “based on the validation of it being retweeted or interacted with, they tweet it here.”

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