Technology marketers today are constantly confronted with the truism that in the age of inbound marketing, “Content is king.” But is your content worthy of being king? Does it earn the position of thought leadership — and the accompanying spoils — that so many brands seek?

At Idea Grove, we’ve developed a system that enables you to “feed the beast” of online marketing — PR, social, search, blogging, email — without sacrificing quality or diluting your focus.

Here's an example of how we work:

We come up with a great story idea.

Working with our client RiseSmart, a leader in enterprise career management solutions, we research and document a trend toward "spousal outplacement" – a service offered to aid in the relocation of double-income families.
news media

We pitch it to the news media to get coverage that moves the needle.

byline articles

We place byline articles on the topic in targeted trade publications.

blog posts

We produce a series of blog posts based on the same research.

We create multimedia content to encourage social sharing.

email campaign

And we nurture prospects with an email campaign leveraging the same content.

All of which helps RiseSmart to build audiences, attract leads and establish thought leadership.

Let us put our Organic Marketing Process to work for you.